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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

RESULT! Humour with a little dash of cheekiness pays off.

Ah, it's so refreshing to find out that not ALL companies/people are sticklers to rules, regulations and bureaucracy! (Gah that is the one word I ALWAYS struggle to spell- I can spell diarrhoea [remember I'm English- we have different spellings to the U.S lol] and even onomatopoeia with no trouble, but bureaucracy?! ALWAYS struggle- so thanks spellchecker for sorting THAT one out for me!).

I got my reply from So Natural, and given that they have been so kind as to agree to my request to combine my items into one parcel AND send me the bath salts I requested DESPITE that making THEM out of pocket (due to my postage costs being higher when combined) I think it's only fair and right that I recommend them as a JOLLY GOOD COMPANY. You gotta love a company that not only sell useful products (got friends with dysauto? Why not buy a salt gift set? Pretty, neat and healthy too!) but are kind, decent and helpful people too! So, check the site out
SO Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Products

Here's the email they sent in reply to the email I sent them yesterday:

Hi Laura

Thank you for your email which we thoroughly enjoyed. We noticed what you had done (ie. placing 2 orders). With the addition of the jar of sole rocks (your 2nd order) this took the postage from £4.99 to £6.99 due to the weight of the parcel, meaning you overpaid by £2.99. However we have enclosed in your parcel the bath salts you requested so that you are not out of pocket. Hope you enjoy your products.

Kind regards

Natalie Gray

So Natural

Tel: 01303 248238

Mob: 07711 667545



That really brightened my day did that, and has given me a good feeling! :-) I can't wait for my salty goodness to arrive!

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