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Friday, 12 February 2010

I got my downloads!

I have to laugh about this- the very kind people at hypnosis downloads have sent me- not just the downloads that I mistakenly deleted in a brain foggy moment but... EVERY SINGLE DOWNLOAD I HAVE DOWNLOADED FROM THEM!

That was 18 emails of 2-4 downloads in each!!!

That's because dozily, I didn't specify which ones I had lost as I wrote my request at the top of my confirmation email with the original link in it, but I don't think that email says which downloads there are, it just links you to them and the link had expired.

How kind and helpful, for the person to search out all the downloads and send me each one! I'm blown away and it has cheered me up on this day I have woken up with the same headache as yesterday and now pain in my eyes, cheeks and nose too (it's all sinus related, I am now in the throes of Lee's bloody cold!).

It just shows there are still many nice, kind and helpful people in the world who are prepared to go out of their way to help someone else.

I can highly recommend them if anyone wants to buy any hypnosis relaxation mp3s- they are great and they have loads to choose from. www.hypnosisdownloads.com. I'm recommending them for great customer service (this isn't the first time I've mucked up and they've helped me out) and great products. :-)


  1. hey laura! this is Shannon from 5AP! So glad to see you here on blogger :) I have a question for you! me and the girls were wondering if you wanted to to be in one of our guest videos? we plan to have a guest post a video once a month and we would love to have you participate! hope you're doing well! xxo


  2. Hey Shannon! Great to see you here too! I'd love to be in a guest video, that would be fantastic! Eee I'm already excited about it just reading your comment! *bounces* hehehe.

    Hope you and the other girls have a great weekend! xx