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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tired but accomplished

I got my unit 17 assignment written up yesterday and I managed to make minor adjustments to the assignment 12 that I handed in and had checked. I couldn't really do all that much with that because 1. My brain is refusing to co-operate with me and actually remember any of the policies and procedures I'm supposed to outline and 2.I was so close to the word limit I couldn't say much anyway!

I felt good today but I have this AWFUL headache that's come on gradually more and more. Nurofen time!!! (I always get really tired after I've worked on an assignment lately, so it's good that I've only one left to do!).

I am going to ring up the chemist and see if they have my new bladder meds yet. I'm trying a new one (recommended me by a potsie friend who also has overactive bladder!) because the cardio I saw said my current med could be adding to my tachycardia. I certainly noticed that when I first started taking it, I'd be way dizzier in a morning- but I NEED *something* because my OAB is the worst problem I suffer with and without medication for it, I can't leave the house without making myself dehydrated so that I can be sure not to get caught needing the loo.

I've been questioning future plans in my head a lot lately. Basically, I was considering getting a full time job in September (next school year) but I've decided to put that on hold for a while and concentrate on upping my fitness levels if I can.
I enjoy working the random hours I do and choosing my own hours. It won't earn me enough to move out of my parents but I can always look to getting a job in a school when the time comes to do that, which won't be this year. So THIS year, I can focus on my health, my fitness, learning to cook finally (I can actually cook but never get chance to practice because my Dad is so impatient/controlling and the kitchen is his domain!! And so I forget all the things I learnt how to cook coz I never get to practice them!) and maybe finishing the book I started writing in 2007.

I've always loved writing and can be good at it when I put my mind to it. I used to write novels for pleasure when I was in school. Whether or not I'd actually get one published is a whole different matter, but I won't know if I don't try and I'd regret not trying while I have the chance. So while I'm still here with no financial burdens, I'm going to have a go at doing that once I've finished this diploma in April.

ADDED LATER: They had my tablets so I walked to the chemist, then I had to lie down and have a sleep because I felt EXHAUSTED! I can't get rid of this headache either. It's from writing the assignment, having to sit at the computer typing gives me neck pain that causes tension headaches too- so I've booked a massage for next week, I just need them to ring back tomorrow to confirm it's okay as the people at the health store have to check with the masseur as she only goes in certain days. All being well, she can fit me in Monday. I see her about every 6 weeks, it's a necessity because without it I get the worst headaches and pain. The massage loosens up my muscles so I can function.

Tomorrow I'm only working 1-2 so that will be nice, hopefully I'll feel better. I'd really like to have a go on my stepper if I do!

I'm really keen to get writing again ('proper' stuff, not simply inane blogging) so I can't wait to finish my diploma. I don't have enough spoons to do it before then, but once all that's done with, I will have more time to focus on being creative and finishing the book I started and/or starting something new. I need some ideas!! I keep thinking it'd be good to write a story about someone with dysautonomia, but don't have any concrete ideas as yet as to how to make it interesting. Oh well, after April I have plenty of time to 'play' around with ideas.

My headache is STILL awful and just won't go away!

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