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Thursday, 11 February 2010

When brain fog stops being a joke...

Usually I can laugh it off and joke about it, but tonight I'm really pissed off and fed up! I logged on the computer to synch my ipod because a couple of days ago it said it couldn't find two hypnosis files I'd downloaded.

Well. I realise now that I downloaded them on to my memory stick whilst connected to the internet on my laptop, because my PC went through a period of not displaying any webpages for months (it has done it before and usually rectifies itself with time so I was just using my laptop until it did so, rather than paying for a technician to come out like I had to the first time).

So I found my memory stick(s) because of course I couldn't remember WHICH one I put the files on.

But they aren't on either.

The other day, my most used stick was full and I needed to save some college work on to it, so I deleted a load of 'unnecessary' files. I believe, in my supreme numptyness, that I have deleted the hypnosis files. I bought them for myself for meditation purposes and had listened to them a few times on my ipod. However, when I plugged my ipod into the PC, it got re-synched and thus deleted the files (because they are not located on this computer). I didn't know they did that.

So, because I have deleted the original source files and now my ipod doesn't have them, I've lost them!! :( I came online purposely to get them back on my ipod because I felt in need of the relaxation and positive mental boost. Instead, I get all this messing about trying to find the files and this frustration at realising what I have stupidly gone and done.

My only hope now is the people at hypnosis downloads will be kind, since I am an avid customer (I buy scripts regularly for clients as well as having downloaded various mp3s for myself) and re-link me to the downloads, since I found the original order email and tried clicking the link, which had expired. My last resort has been to email them, explaining that I've somehow 'lost' the files, and asking if they could possibly please send me a link to them again. Actually, I'm quite hopeful they will because I once accidentally downloaded some mp3s instead of scripts and they let me download the scripts as well as the mp3s (when I explained my error) which is actually giving me more than what I've paid for, whereas this, this is just giving me back what I have already paid for, and lost.


I STILL have the headache too. It feels like I am finally succumbing to Lee's cold, because all my sinuses hurt too.

Taking my fed-up-numptyness to bed now. Fingers crossed Roger and Mark are understanding and send me that link...

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