I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Monday, 15 February 2010

An interesting (well, for me) observation...

The more I have looked into POTS, the more many seemingly unrelated and senseless things in my life MAKE SENSE.

Earlier today, after I did my 10 minute standing test, I really needed a no2. (Sorry if that's TMI for some people!). It occurred to me just now that this always happens when I go shopping. I'd always assumed that for some strange reason, I got 'overly excited' about looking for new clothes (it would never happen in book shops but then I have a reason which I'll get on to) and that triggered off an IBS type response. The number of times I've walked into a shop and started browsing only to think damn, I need to find the toilets now!

Well, since it happened this morning after standing for a while I wonder if it's nothing to do with shopping (or excitement) at ALL but just a bodily reaction to standing in and of itself. I'm not at the moment clever, savvy or 'on the ball' enough to be able to work out why that particular mechanism could be triggered by orthostatic intolerance, but I bet there's a reason it could be.

So, even my needing to poop whilst shopping now (kinda) makes sense!!!

This evening's tests: (done after a meal BECAUSE I was feeling tachycardic)

BP sitting 99/66 Standing 102/75
Heart rate supine: 80
Standing 1 min = 123
Standing 2 mins= 122
Standing 5 mins= 129

EDIT: I forgot that I was supposed to write about my theory on why I don't need to poop when I'm browsing in bookstores. Well, because my very favourite thing to do in a bookstore is crouch down, or even better sit on the floor, while looking through various book choices before deciding on which to get! Therefore, without the orthostatic intolerance, my bowels do not need to move and that means I do not need to 'go' and can also not move but stay where I am, happy with my nose buried in a book.


  1. LOL welcome to the No2 phenomena. It sounds like something Mulder and Scully need to investigate LOL.

  2. im sure theres a nerve connected to your bowel, which in connected to your heart, well thats what i was told in hospital. makes sense so when you heart rate increases the flight of fight sensation comes into play, so you can empty yourself to run away.

    with the body being messed up with pots, its going beserk. like a badly wired computer. sometimes i felt quite naseous when i needed to go.

  3. LOL Michelle- that reminds me of the Catatonia song, except the lyrics could be adapted slightly... "I feel a sense of urgency... this could be a case for Mulder and Scully" hehehee.

    Em- that really does make sense! You're not Scully in disguise by any chance are you? ;)