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Monday, 15 February 2010


I decided to get some heart rate and BP baselines to take to show my specialist when I get the appointment, because symptoms can vary so much from day to day and even hour to hour!

Take this for example. On Friday, I felt my most unsymptomatic EVER whilst standing. It felt NORMAL (and I hadn't realised how 'abnormal' it really feels, since that abnormal has become my normal and who knows how long it has been for).

Supine HR was 74
Standing 1 min = 86 (!!)
Standing 3 mins= 93
Standing 5 mins= 87

BP (sitting) was 98/67 in the morning and 114/76 in the evening.

This morning:

Supine HR was 63
Standing 1 min = 98
Standing 3 mins= 102
Standing 5 mins= 105
Standing 10mins= 126

BP was 82/64 supine, 95/69 sitting and 99/80 standing (after 1 minute).
After the ten minute stand, BP was 103/75.

I'm filling these all in in a little denim notebook that I can take with me. It's also interesting for ME to see how my symptoms vary.

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