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Thursday, 18 February 2010


There's something about me today. Something akin to "the old Laura" that I miss so much. Maybe it's the CoQ10 giving me some energy- some 'spark' back, I don't know. All I know is the beginning of the week I was tired, miserable and depressed. Now, I'm still tired but I'm feeling chirpy again. I'm planning things that pretty much verge on GIVING my spoons away. But I'm hoping that I'll be okay.

I have this philosophy lately- life is short. So I'm trying to squeeze as much out of it as I can, like juicing an orange. Seeking the zest out of life!

I phoned Lee before and was all animated and cheerful on the phone. I'm usually breathless and falling asleep- not out of boredom by any means, but due to fatigue/dizziness. I actually got a text later from him thanking me for calling and saying how nice it was to chat and laugh.

It makes a DIFFERENCE, having some spark. I want to keep it.

Plus, I even made up a new word in the hopes of cheering up a friend- fanspanglydastic! I used to make up fun and silly words all the time, just off bat, without making any effort. I was funny, witty, sparkly, I had penache. Joie de Vivre. I was 'loopy' Laura. As in wacky, off beat, fun to be around.

I've missed being that way. So, if a supplement is indeed helping me get that back... I'm sold. Heck, I'm in LOVE.

I may be tired, have headache, and feel chronically dehydrated as usual (the feeling of chronic dehydration is my daily life despite drinking approx 4+ litres each day) but I have a little bit of a spark of the 'old me'. Maybe this could be the start of something... maybe it's just a good day. Even if it's 'only' the latter, I'm happy of it. Even if I only ever have glimpses of this, I'm glad of them.

Of course, I want more. But if I don't GET more... I'm glad I had this little spark.

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