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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Life gets eventful...

My photo book from shutterfly came today- it's so nice that I'm going to make one for the Summer Ball photos and the Rome photos. The Rome photos I haven't organised in a book yet because there were still many more to upload, so while they were doing so, I went to the shops to put some money in the bank and choose a valentines card for Lee. When I got home, I locked the door and came upstairs. GOD knows where I've put the key (I had many brain fog moments today- I'd forgotten to sign my paying in slip for the bank, when I bought my card I took my change and forgot to pick up the card!!!)- I saw from the study window that there was a UPS van parked outside so I went charging back downstairs and the key wasn't hung up so I had to get the guy to come round the side of the house.

How lucky, if I'd been just slightly later home I'd have missed the delivery!!

It was my "air stepper exerciser"- which I've bought for the purpose of improving the muscle tone in my legs, which should improve the blood vessels' constriction and so pump my blood around my body more effectively, which in time could help with the tachycarida... exercising if you can is meant to be good for POTS so that's what I am trying to do! The benefit of it is, I can do it for a few minutes each day in the comfort of home, whilst measuring my heart rate and aiming to keep it reasonable.

I am at the moment fighting off Lee's cold germs :( My throat has started really hurting today, despite me taking vitamin C and goldenseal supplements to try and ward off the virus. It's typical that as soon as I start feeling like some energy is coming back, I go and get a bloody cold!! I also have to go into college tomorrow for a tutorial with Lesley as there are 'a few adjustments' that need to be made to my assignment. Crap, more work!! :( Still, just a few months to go, but I am finding these last months really hard as I've had enough and just want to be done with it!

I plan on writing up assignment 17 tomorrow, then I might be able to take that in and get her to read through that as well, then I can bring both home and work on whatever 'adjustments' are needed, then I only have unit 8 left to do. That will take about a month though as it's one of those bloody portfolios where you have to gather, research and analyse lots of info. Oh I'll just be SO GLAD when I've done it and can have a break!!!!

I had a GREAT weekend this weekend. Me and Lee had the most lovely, relaxed evening of contentment and were both in really happy spirits. We had a lovely walk Sunday too, which I really enjoyed because my shaky, weak feeling has finally gone!!

I also went out Friday night to the pub to meet friends. It was the first time I'd seen them all this year, and the first time they'd seen me since I decided to explain about me having T&T- Tests and Tachycardia. I was touched my how genuinely concerned and interested they were. I managed to dance a little (though got tired very quickly which is unusual for me when it comes to dancing) but the best, most fun part of the night was when we were all sat in the quieter pub, chatting and having a laugh. I'm advertising the next social event, first Friday in March, going to start it in that quiet pub (so I think more people might turn up as it's nice for chatting and relaxing) and then the ones that want to (myself included as I am being optimistic that by then I will be feeling a lot better) are going to go to Flares for some dancing, and possibly the Rewind Disco at Plug (but I will have to feel great if we go there because there aren't many opportunities to sit and rest). I'm really looking forward to it, for one, starting off in a quieter, more civilised pub will make a really nice change compared to how we've gone about things the past few months- and it will mean Lee can come along too (he avoids noisy places due to tinnitus) and for another, after the chatting and mingling and catching up part, me, Margit, Chris, Phil, Peter, Barbara and anyone else who wants to join can go and have a bit of a disco.

I'd got the date of Margit's surgery wrong so this will be our last dance before she has that done. I don't know what's with me lately but I am incapable of putting certain things in my diary correctly- I had a client on the phone with me last week who told me he wanted booking in in 3 weeks time after a certain date, and the place I turned to in my diary was 15 weeks after the date; I don't know how I managed that but I couldn't exactly say to him "I'm sorry you're calling me at a bad time, I'm very tired and suffering with brain fog." THAT doesn't look good for business. So I just laughed it off and he made a joke that he'd have to be hypnotising ME! (Since I didn't just get the 15 weeks thing wrong either, he had to call me back and change the second date I booked him in for, because he'd requested the first Wednesday after he returned from his 3 week holiday, but then when I said the date he said it was someone's birthday, which I interpreted to mean he couldn't make that date and so I suggested the Friday and he agreed, then rang me back and said he wanted Wednesday as he works Fridays... and that he'd been saying it was someone's birthday and that he'd thus *remember* the date, not that he couldn't attend it! So in my foggy state, I managed to confuse HIM too! lol). Honestly, it took like 10 minutes and him having to call me back twice (bad reception and brain fog) and me having to call him back once (bad reception) before we got it sorted!

I hope I can get rid of this sore throat/cold thing because I really don't want to crash again when I'm starting to pick up...

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