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Monday, 22 February 2010

How much might a bit of humour allow one to 'get away' with things...

I thought this was worth a try... I just ordered some salt products from a company called Himalayan Crystal Salts. After placing my order, I noticed a tantalising offer on a product I hadn't before seen and so decided to get it, but then discovered I'd have to pay for the postage twice. So I thought, well I'll email them and ask if they wouldn't mind grouping my two orders together and sending me a product to make up the cost of overpaying for postage... if they can't all they can do is say no and I'll just have to make sure I'm not so dozy next time!


My name is Laura and I suffer with a condition known as "being dozy" which translates sometimes into making unfortunate mistakes. When I make mistakes that cost money, it might seem insignificant but when you add up the cost of these mistakes over the course of a year, I pay a high price for my "being dozy".

I have recently (within this past half an hour) placed TWO orders with you when I could have just placed one, thanks to this "being dozy". I was wondering (hopefully) whether you might be kind enough as to place these two orders into one for me. If this is possible it will mean that I've payed an extra £4.99 for the postage if they were coming to me separately, so I'd like to be cheeky enough (my dear Mum would call it 'assertive) to ask whether you'd mind sending me some delightful bath salts also (product code HCS030 priced at £3.99) so then my misfortune at "being dozy" will only amount to £1 of overpayment and that I can live with and am happy to pay towards your company in the light of your kindness.

The order details of my second order are as follows: 258802378-92-25-113-19. Unfortunately due to this "being dozy" malarky I do not have the first order details.

If this is altogether too presumptuous and cheeky of me to ask, I will take my "being dozy" on the chin and hope that next time I will be more on the ball. And if anyone tells you to take this email with a large pinch of salt, please just ignore them, I'm sure they are only trying to be funny.

Thanks and good wishes,



  1. brilliant. ive had to do similiar in the past year. twisted my neck on a gorgeous velvet coat from boden and had to sent it back, mentioned my condition with a little bit of cheekiness and presto money back. x

  2. Okay I just laughed out loud scaring the hell out of my dogs. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. You should market that letter to all of us "dozy" people, so we can just insert the company of choice. :)