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Thursday, 25 March 2010

So sleepy

I had what felt like a manic couple of days at the beginning of the week, with lots of thoughts whirling through my mind and lots of excitement and enthusiasm about DARE. I've mellowed since, due to the fatigue overtaking me- but that's the beauty of a group blog- it doesn't 'die' just because I'm too tired or brain foggy to update things. I hope for it to be a very much alive thing, even when the team aren't blogging. I'm hoping for input from others as much as possible too, whether it's submission of personal stories for the PANS page, or whether its ideas/pictures/articles to be included within the blog (personal credit will be given).

This week, fatigue wise, hasn't been the best but I've managed to push through it. I go in and help my Mum who is a teacher and I find that being with the children boosts me a little bit temporarily, because I forget my pain and I don't feel as tired. I'm more tired afterwards, but it's worth it.

I've noticed myself having a lot of aching and cracking in my joints this week which is giving me a general feeling of malaise. Emotionally, I find myself veering from positivity and determination to feeling pretty darn fed up and wishing I wasn't so damn tired all the time!

Waiting for April 9th also feels like an age... even though it's gotten closer, it's like the closer it is, the longer the wait seems.

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