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Friday, 12 March 2010

I'm doing good!

I discovered that resting actually makes me feel WORSE. But being too active makes me tired and run down and susceptible to illnesses like colds/sore throats. So I have to find the balance between cycles of activity and cycles of rest.

The past couple of weeks have been a cycle of activity. The previous 2 were a cycle of too much rest- the resting made my BP low and I felt worse.

So, whilst I have been busy, I have: been out two Friday nights in a row. Been to my boyfriend's the Saturday evening after each of these nights, and been a walk each Sunday with him. This past week, Monday I went on a school trip to a castle, which involved climbing up the keep. I managed this fine because at each level, the guide was telling the children things so I could sit and rest. Tuesday I went a short local walk with the school children learning about the old houses in the village. That was less fun because it involved a lot of standing around in the cold while the teacher spoke about the old buildings. I went home to bed afterwards and have been taking it fairly easy since, but I managed to go into college last night and hand in my latest work. I left early but the fact I felt okay to go was a difference in how I'd been feeling the previous few months.

Generally, I'm tired and achy and keep getting bad headaches now- which is a sign I need to recuperate. I'm really glad though that I have got some strength back and am able to be more active.

Having a take it easy weekend this weekend, spending it with my Mum and Grandma instead of my boyfriend due to it being Mother's day. I will miss him BUT I need the rest. I will sleep better at home.

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