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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Amusing brain foggy moments...

Because you gotta laugh!

Um... would you be amused if I told you that I had two amusing brain foggy moments to write about but a split second after deciding to do this, one of them went completely out of my mind?? :/

Okay so the first was at school whilst helping during a guided reading task, we got to a page where there was a graph of children's favourite ice creams. I was asking the children with me doing the task what their favourite flavours were, and adding the votes on to the total. In so doing, I somehow managed to add 2 to 7 and come up with 8. When a child questioned me I still thought my calculation correct and, thinking she had misunderstood the graph as she is a bright child, I pointed to the graph and said 'Look it goes 7 at this point, so then add 1 vote for James and then it goes to 8, then add 1 vote for me..." as I realise this does not work out to 8 at all, she says "Yes that's what I mean, 7 + 2 makes 9!" At which point I didn't really know what to say so I just gave her a sideways hug and said "Yes you're right, I obviously can't add up anymore, hahaha!"

Oh, and the second one has come back to me tonight. I was at college last night (oh my goodness NO I meant to say 'the second one has come back to me NOW lol!!!)- anyways. The tutor was asking us what help would be available for mums who've just had their babies. There were only two of us who'd turned up to class and my class-mate was being VERY quiet despite the fact she's had children so knew these answers! So I was having to provide them all and I was doing well but running out of ideas. You know when you're racking your brains thinking and then suddenly it's like a light bulb goes on and you think YES! I got it! ?
Well, that happened to me- so I confidently blurted out "ANTE NATAL!" thinking now why didn't I think of THAT one sooner eh? Go me, I'm really on the ball tonight!

Leaving my tutor to point out that this really would not be much use to someone who's already given birth to their baby.

Oh dear.

In my defence, I had just been to the toilet, so I'll blame the standing up and the peeing for bringing on that. Incidentally, what a good job I'm not a male with POTS because I recently discovered that emptying your bladder makes your blood pressure temporarily lower (oh that's jolly good, mine must be going lower many many times a day then!). At least we ladies are sitting down for that eh!

Brain fog can be amusing at times, but I don't half feel dippy thanks to it! Remember Jade Goody's Big Brother 'Jadeisms'? It's like such things are beginning to take over my life!

I wish I could find that philosophy essay I scored near top marks on about solipsism. I wouldn't be able to understand it now, (I can't even really remember what solipsism IS!) but at least I could read it and think- wow. Once I was very, very clever!

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