I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Friday, 28 May 2010

Woke up all assertive.

So, yesterday, my ultra potsy day.

I think that the problem was hydration. When I got home from the trip out with my Mum, I felt EXACTLY as I do when I've been travelling by aeroplane. The only reason I can think for feeling that way is dehydration.

Because I have an 'overactive bladder', when I go out anywhere I am reluctant to drink very much water, which as we potsies know, is not good for pots!!

The way I have managed this is by going places in the afternoon and drinking around 3 litres before leaving the house. Then slowing down my intake about an hour or so before leaving the house, so I can be sure that my bladder is empty when I leave and thus won't be pestering me to go to the toilet too soon.

However, life can't always begin in the afternoon! There are things I want to be able to do that will involve leaving the house in the morning and even things that would involve being out all day. Things that right now I feel I couldn't do whilst keeping up my fluids because I'd need the toilet and not be able to go. :/

If there is any chance or any way something can help with my symptoms of peeing out every 250-300ml then I want to take that chance. I have read about some potsies taking desmopressin to help them retain fluids and I had asked about it at my diagnosis appointment and been told it was a possibility. Now, I don't know whether something has been lost in the communication between my Drs and my specialist but so far nothing has happened about that beyond me getting some tests for diabetes insipidus. But I know of people taking it IN THE UK who don't have that so I know it CAN be done. So, I have once again taken matters into my own hands and emailed my specialist asking if there's any chance I could at least try it, in case it does help me retain fluid.

All she can do is say no, but if I don't ask then I won't know!


  1. its cool you can email your doctor! i have to wait like 6 months to see them lol. they wont let me call either with questions, which is really annoying.

  2. Wow, that REALLY sucks!!

    Actually she never said I could email her, I'm just cheeky that way lol. I think- why wait when time is of the essence (I 'waited' 9 bloody years to get diagnosed after all!) or why take up a doctors appointment with my GP when all she will do is email her to ask her what I'm asking them to ask her, when I can just ask myself?!

    I always feel quite bad for doing it, like I'm being cheeky but it's not hurting anybody so I tell myself JUST DO IT! lol.