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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

An Amazing Experience.

I had an amazing experience yesterday. I woke up with a normal pulse!

I started taking liquorice root as I read a number of posts by people on the DINET forums who were saying how it had helped them.

For me to wake up with a normal pulse just sitting was amazing (usually, thanks to Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, I can always feel my heart racing) but I also checked out how I felt standing, and I felt fine... so of course I put my bp cuff on and checked my vitals.

112/69, pulse 85

So then I RAN upstairs and checked my vitals again.

110/75, pulse 112

After that I brushed my teeth (standing) for a couple of minutes and then checked again.

104/80, pulse 70

I could NOT believe it.

The strange thing was, I wasn't feeling good at all- I felt really drained and woozy. But, upon seeing my heart rate was so normal, I decided to finally do all the cleaning and tidying I'd been putting off. So,

I cleared away the clothes and coat-hangers I'd left out, I tidied my desk, I hoovered my room and the dining room and the conservatory, I danced, I did energetic knee lifts, I danced while lifting weights, I did sit ups and as if that wasn't enough I did 250 steps on level 3 resistance on my 'air stepper exerciser' and after THAT I ran on the spot for 10 minutes without stopping.

All while monitering my heart rate and keeping it around 140-160bpm.

Today, I feel exhausted and my body aches- but I haven't crashed. I'm not having a 'potsy' day or feeling awful- just very, very tired from all that activity and achy from the sit ups and weights.

My heart rate hasn't stayed normal today but the peculiar thing is I am still getting some normal readings- for example although it was elevated this morning, this afternoon (after my second dose of liquorice) my sitting heart rate was 60bpm. (It's usually 80-90).

My bp has been fluctuating a lot but I am getting some better readings with that too- in the 100s rather than the 80s for the systolic and in the 60s, 70s and even 80s for the diastolic rather than the 50s and 40s.

I went to the Drs today and got my prescription of diltiazem, but I haven't bothered to take one yet and may not if these good results continue.

It's strange and I am not getting my hopes up too much, but it's the most positive result I've had in trying something new, ever.

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  1. could u msg. me on facebook and let me know about how you take licorice root? is it in vitamin form?