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Friday, 7 May 2010


Been thinking and researching on the "career options" still.

I found something I'd never even heard of called the Graduate Teacher Program. It enables you to train to become a teacher while you are working in a school as an unqualified teacher.

It's an option that appeals to me in a way because I'd like the experience. I'm getting fed up of academic study now, and whilst this will of course have elements of that, it sounds more "hands on". It's also an advantage to get payed whilst learning.

If I did this, I wouldn't be able to start until September next year, 2011. BUT if I do the part time PGCE, I still wouldn't graduate until June 2012. So, I'd graduate at roughly the same time... yet I think the GTP could be the better option for me. Yes, it's full time so in a way that's harder BUT... I'd be getting (I feel) a better experience. I think I'd feel a lot more confident about getting a job after working in a more hands on way, instead of taking the more academic route again. Despite the fact the academic route involves placements, I like the idea of being at one school for the majority of the training.

So, it's another option I am seriously considering. I could finish my diploma which is coming to an end now, have the rest of this year 'off', go on my Peru adventure in November, move in with my boyfriend at some point later this year or early next year, and live off my savings until I start in September 11 and keep doing my part time hypnotherapy work from here, at my parents. That way, I could spend some quality time with my Mum but get used to living with my boyfriend, before starting the program of work. It might give me chance to get my health in a better place and get a bit fitter too.

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