I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer at LAST!

Okay so just a week ago it was cold enough for frost (stupid English weather and climate change- May should NOT be that cold!!!) and now it's like it should be- hot and sunny and lovely.

Okay, actually hotter than ideal for me but that said I do better in the heat than cold. I can sit under a parasol or in the shade if it's too hot, but I get to be in the garden, which I love.

So, this past weekend was really nice. POTS wise, I am feeling stronger. I still get symptoms of fatigue and dizziness but I don't feel as weak as I did in Autumn/Winter when I had my 'crash'.

Things between me and my bf are great too- I think he is learning about it more as I am learning to be more open and admit when I feel bad instead of trying to cover it up and push myself through it when that can make me feel worse.

Planning moving in together is exciting and I can't wait til he gets the keys and we can start decorating the place and making it OUR HOME.

Oh, and I can apply for the graduate teacher program in July. It sounds sooo hard and complicated to get into. Competition is fierce and given that I've never worked, I'm not confident about getting in. But at the moment I have this feeling that 'anything is possible' and so I figure that even if I don't get accepted, I can get a job in a school as a teachers assistant and work my way up to the higher level and then re-apply for the GTP and THEN I might get accepted after having some experience of actually working in a school. (It does say priority is given to support staff in schools- I've done that for years but only on a voluntary basis so not sure how they will view that).

I'm trying liquorice root at the moment as I've read a number of anecdotal reports of how it's helped POTsies, and I feel so much better to not be in a drug induced haze of fatigue that I'm hanging fire before trying another pharmaceutical, especially as it's another usually prescribed for low blood pressure with effects of lowering heart rate also. I'm going to see if the liquorice helps with fluid retention and raising bp (as it's meant to) and see if that has any difference on my hr. If not, well I'll introduce the diltiazem as well. I'm just concerned about taking that in case it could reduce the strength of my heart over time- and that's if it doesn't send my bp way too low again and give me that rotten fatigue like I felt on the BBs.

I soooo need to tidy, my room looks like a bomb has hit it as I started taking clothes out of my wardrobe to give to charity and then my bf rang me and once I stop an activity, I lose my energy and then can't get started again so right now there are clothes and coathangers everywhere and I don't currently have the energy to clear them away! Hopefully tomorrow.

I can't understand why I can't keep things tidy when I prefer things to be tidy, and it would make life sooo much easier because then I wouldn't have to keep doing these big, energy draining clean ups!! I am hoping when I've cleared away a lot of stuff I'll have more space to keep things in order. Practice for moving in with my bf who is so tidy his idea of 'mess' is a newspaper on the table and a drinks mat not put back in its holder. :/

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