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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More on my potential crazyness...

There's a 'part time' course that starts in February next year.

That would mean I'd complete this diploma any day now (one more project to submit!). Have the summer off. Probably the Autum and the Winter too. Go to Peru for 3 weeks for the 'holiday of a lifetime'. Get home for Christmas, holiday with the family. Get home for New Year... and work hard until July the following year (2012) to get this qualification.

The alternative depends on how long the full time course that starts in September 2011 is. If I graduate at the same time, I might as well wait until September and do it full time, because this course is in my locality. The part time one would involve travelling by train two days a week which is okay in theory but I don't travel well when I'm tired, and living with dysautonomia is tiring even WITHOUT taking on a challenge like this!

But then for the full time one I'd still be driving in every day... and maybe, just maybe, 'part time' would be easier on me. 2 days to study, the remaining days to rest and do the work. Because if I am doing 7 days a week of classes, when am I going to find the time and energy to do the work?? I really don't know if I could handle a schedule like that. :/ Maybe I am better off travelling out of town.

Wow. I seriously have a lot to think about.

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  1. Ok my mind just exploded trying to work through your alternatives. Old Eunice has had to go and have a little lie down. Good on you for taking up the challenge and not letting Bob rain on your parade. :)