I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Friday, 22 January 2010

I'm perfectly sober and yet...

I just totally misread an advert on facebook as saying: DOMINATE YOUR HAIRDRESSER.

It actually said NOMINATE. hahahaha! I had to do a double take because I thought facebook was turning porny. lmao.

I had a good time tonight. It cheered me up. I came home with a very full belly (a good appetite and an extra stone of weight made a big difference to how much I could eat- I cleared my plate, and there was a LOT on that plate!) and a sense of happiness. A marked improvement to how I left! Margit is great, she's always so exuberant and we have such fun, she always makes me feel good and perks me up no matter how tired and crappy I feel.

It was so funny when the waitress came over and asked if we wanted any sauces. We both asked what sauces they do- well- Margit asked as I was about to- and then the waitress said mayonnaise, salad cream, barbecue... and at the same time we both went, in the same excited fashion- "Oh, BARBECUE! Please" (the way we said it was like 'YAAAY BARBECUE!') it made the waitress laugh as well as us at each other!

Then we ate good food and had good natter. I had a chargrilled chicken wrapped in bacon, filled with mozzarella cheese and bacon bits, with about 10 seasoned potatoes and the YAY barbecue sauce. I've never managed to clear my plate of so much! I like being one stone heavier and having a good appetite!! I just hope I don't get fat :/

I actually feel a lot better physically too, even though moving my body still feels like moving lead through treacle. I think after a good nights sleep I will be feeling much better tomorrow, and I am looking forward to having lunch out for my Grandma's birthday and then going out to Lee's friends house for a meal.

So, even without going to the pub, it's a great weekend!


  1. I misread things at times, as well... Usually it's something really funny, and it comes at a time when I really need a laugh. I am glad that you are doing better physically, but having POTS myself, I know how it does come and go... Just remember to pace yourself (I KNOW just how difficult that is). I hope you do stay feeling this well!

  2. hi

    i usually misread words, i say things round the wrong way, at first and still sometimes now i find this difficult. other times i just try to laugh. its not the end of the world.x