I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Friday, 29 January 2010


So, the summary of my appointment is as follows:

1. I have "Inappropriate sinus tachycardia."

2. It's a benign problem

So 3. Don't worry about it and

4. Fatten up, because my 'build' is making me 'feel it' more.

When I showed him info on POTS and asked if he thought it could be that, or if I could be tested for it- he was dismissive and said

5. You could be tested for it, but even if it is that, there's nothing you can do for it anyway.


Come off my trospium chloride because it can make IST worse. (Which means I will be back to being chained to the bathroom as I will have to pee every 15-20 minutes).

Forget about it.

I feel incredibly frustrated, angry, ignored, dismissed and upset.


  1. push for an answer. if ive found anything out in these past three years, is that you have to be very vocal. the thing is when you know whats wrong you can do something about it. fine there may not be a cure, but meds, advice can sure make you feel better. xxx

  2. I agree with Em. Push push push. We've all been dismissed at some point and feel everything you're feeling. You may not be able to 'cure' POTS but you can manage it with meds, lifestyle changes etc. I don't know how your health system works but I'd be looking for the actual expert (as opposed to the docs who 'think' they are the expert) and booking in. You have to be your own advocate with this. I'm so sorry you had this experience and wish it had gone better for you. xxx