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Thursday, 14 January 2010

How can it be that...

today my HR is 112 just leaning forward to get a drink from the table (whilst watching the recording of Slumdog Millionaire- yes, I actually recorded it right despite yesterday's tremendous brain fog) and 150 going slowly upstairs (I'm self monitoring again in the run up to my Halter test to see what, if anything, helps and what, if anything, makes it worse) and yet I feel much, much better?

I think it definitely helped that I slept better. I took a piriton- they tend to make me sleep well, I'd just forgotten that I had this option- til I was reminded when asking for advice on the DINET forum. I still do feel VERY tired, but compared to feeling VERY EXHAUSTED, very tired feels positively energised! ;)

I also took things very slowly this morning- despite numerous interruptions!
These were:

The doorbell going at 9.30am (I was still in bed, dozing). The post-people just DO NOT allow enough time for people answering the door! I mean yes, I know I am slower than 'ordinary' people and as they'd gotten me first thing whilst still in bed there was no way I was jumping up and rushing to the door (hello dizziness!) but still, you think they'd wait a few minutes at least! By the time I made it downstairs they'd given the parcel to my next door neighbour.

The doorbell going when I was on the phone talking the my Grandma. It was Interflora with a bunch of flowers for my Mum from a couple who's purse she found (with £500 in it!) in the villa we stayed in at Christmas. They'd left it there in AUGUST and no one had found it, despite them asking the cleaners to check!!! Obviously, the flowers were to say thank you to my Mum for being a decent, honest type and returning it.

After ringing my Grandma again to tell her about the flowers the doorbell went AGAIN- this time it was my neighbour bringing the parcel.

I had my dinner at 1pm (cuppa soup) and then I braved the great (icy) outdoors to fetch some provisions- Lucozade, pretzels, sea salted cashews with black pepper (sound yummy!), twiglets and piriton. The former are for days like yesterday during which I felt like I could NOT get hydrated no matter how much I drank. The lucozade can also give much needed energy.

The piritons, I am going to take for 10 consecutive evenings to see if they help me out of this slump of low energy. After that I'll see how I feel. I might take them for a couple of weeks to ensure good quality sleep for a while and then stop and just take them on Saturday nights when I stay at my boyfriend's (I never sleep well when I sleep away from home, unless I take piriton!).

I feel that much better from ONE good night's sleep that I'm hopeful within a couple of weeks- even despite weekend social events- I should start to feel a bit more 'normal'.

I also rang college to renew my library books and was told there's no class tonight... so I passed the message on to my college buddies- but T. messaged me on facebook saying she rang the tutor to check and it is on...

I haven't been on facebook.

Seriously though, I wouldn't be going in anyway. Yes, today is a much better day, but I haven't got the energy or the concentration for college class. The good news is, I'm ahead with my work because whilst I was snowed in last week, I managed to write up two assignments. This could have contributed to me being so tired this week mind (it seems like every time I spend a lot of time on college work I have a big dip in my energy and my symptoms worsen) but it takes the pressure and stress off so I'm glad I did it.

Things are looking up! :-)


  1. I'm so happy for you, that things seem to be balancing out and looking up! xx

  2. Hi laura

    congrats on starting the blog. Sometimes you need to write to vent. I know I find that once it's out there I can let it go and move on (well for the most part anyway). Good luck with the docs I hope you find a good one as that makes all the difference.


  3. Thanks Michelle! I do really enjoy writing and blogging, so it definitely helps.