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Monday, 18 January 2010

Let us Eat Chocolate, for we have brain fog and therefore NEED it MEDICALLY.

After a week of pigging out on chocolate (that was likely thanks to my hormones doing their pre-menstrual samba) I decided to EAT HEALTHIER.

I do eat generally healthy but I am a big lover of snacks and the snacks I choose aren't usually the healthiest, unless you count Chilli Heatwave Doritos and copious Bendicks Bittermints amongst the recommended "5-a-day."

I'm doing well so far, I had a lovely salad yesterday and a shape yoghurt today. I absolutely DID NOT eat a double chocolate chip muffin for breakfast the day after I decided to EAT HEALTHIER, nor did I eat 8 Asda Chocolate Chip Cookies in a row last night.

I did plan on this EATING HEALTHIER malarky before I a) knew my Mum had bought me Asda Chocolate Chip Cookies (my favourites!) and b) found a packet of chocolate Hobnobs at the top of the cupboard.

In my defence, I read in a magazine today that chocolate actually helps increase blood flow to the brain.

Happily, this is something the brain fog did not steal from my short term memory. I will reiterate: CHOCOLATE HELPS INCREASE BLOOD FLOW TO THE BRAIN.

Made that '3 Hobnobs or 1 apple?' decision much, much easier. I went for the Hobnobs. I don't need to 'keep the Dr away' as actually, I'm looking for a good Dr the way most women search for the elusive 'Mr Right'. I do however need increased blood flow to my brain. Maybe, from now on, I'll remember how to use the remote control and not leave shopping bags unattended that are then stolen (I'm still mad about that- some mystery person will be wearing MY NEW CLOTHES that I never got to wear- I'm still convinced it was the man behind the counter in the sports shop- he had a shifty look about him when I was asking him if he'd seen a Pilot bag on the floor. At the time I suspected that he'd taken the clothes for his girlfriend but he was about my size, so perhaps the shifty look was due to him thinking "Oh god, I hope she can't see through my manly sports work attire and guess that I'm not only a thief who prays on innocent women with brain fog who put down their shopping bag and forget to pick it up, but that I'm also a TRANSVESTITE).

I'll be watching out for him at "Los Travestitos" next time I go on holiday. Wearing MY dress. And then I shall say "A-HA! I knew it! I may have brain fog but I'm also trained in body language and I KNEW you looked shifty that day! Now, give me back my dress!"

DISCLAIMER: #1 I am not responsible for the sugar rush and delusional outpourings that [too much- forgive me chocolate for I have sinned in saying that] chocolate induces in me.

#2 No transvestites were hurt in the making of this blog.

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