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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

:D Happy Things

My bf's moving date has been brought forward one week! So, I'll be with him for the exciting day and the first weekend in the new place (that we chose together!). So so happy and excited. A week on Friday!!

I've told him I won't be able to help physically (he still overestimates what I am capable of and thought I'd be okay to carry boxes to the van, I did a little practice just holding a box and it sent my heart rate up so much that my legs and arms went weak, so I had to tell him it's too much for me. Stupid pots, because I was actually very strong before it, but I don't want to make myself ill on moving day and not enjoy our first weekend there!). He told me he's got the 'muscles' to help him (some friends he's roped in) and so long as I am there to share the special day it is okay.

So not sure exactly how I can help, maybe I will be able to make tea and provide snacks. It will probably still be tiring for me coz it's going to involve mostly standing as there'll be nothing to sit on! But I figure I'll be okay if I keep moving somehow, since I can walk for a few hours. I'll have to just pace about and make sure everything is running smoothly!

Another thing I am very happy about it I got back on the dance-floor! Here's a little anecdote- when I first heard about POTS online (a couple of people told me to look into it based on my symptoms) I thought I couldn't possibly have it because I didn't have any problems standing- and one of my favourite things has always been to 'dance the night away' on a dance floor and I never feel tired whilst doing so. However, what I hadn't realised was that my fatigue for the next couple of days wasn't normal. I thought everyone felt that way, and put it down to the exertion and the late night. I didn't realise it was because I was also potsy on top of that!

So, when I had this recent flare up it freaked me out because for the first time ever, I did feel tired and weak when dancing. So I am really, really ECSTATIC that I've been able to do that again and feel okay. Florinef is turning out to be a god-send because, although I still feel tired, I don't get the same degree of fatigue and am able to do much, much more before feeling weak.

Another great thing is my best friend from the walking group, M, who has been down in the dumps the past few months due to a bad ankle injury requiring a big surgery, was out with me in much better spirits and we danced together and had great fun. When her ankle couldn't take it anymore and I was getting tired too, we put our chairs on the dance floor (at the edge) and danced with our upper bodies. What I loved about that was having a friend with me crazy enough to do that. So many people take life too seriously and are worried about doing things that are "embarrassing". To us, it wasn't embarrassing at all but just great fun! We got some funny looks but that's all part of the fun of not taking yourself or life too seriously!

So yeah, both of us made a great comeback. :) This makes me happy, as I'd hardly seen her lately because she's been away a lot and times when I've made myself go out to walking group events, she hasn't, times when she has, I haven't- we've kept missing one another and I hadn't been well enough to drive and see her up until recently. So it was great to get back together Friday for the chinese and Saturday at the ball. :) She even said to me she had worried that maybe we weren't going to remain friends! I explained how it was only because of the pots that I hadn't been over to see her and not because I didn't want to. We'd stayed in touch via facebook and phone messages, I hadn't realised that she'd been worried about that. But now she knows and things are looking up, so we're probably going to be hanging out more often from now on. Yay! :)

So, the rest of the Summer is looking good!

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  1. that's wikid! im going to have the same problem moving. it's so annoying not being able to do any of it! when my mom moved what i did was just unpack things low to the ground lol.