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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Applying for a job!!!!

I found a job I liked the sound of, so I'm applying.

It's a little too late in the day for me to fill out my statement 'selling myself' to be picked for an interview, and I have a really busy day tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be clear enough in the head to do it Friday morning!

It's quite exciting!

The funny thing is, it's to be part of the careers service team at the university. That's funny because I have never really decided on a career for myself, never really known what to do... but it would be rather nice if I could help others make their minds up and save them the hassle and stress (that I've experienced first hand myself) of not knowing what to do with their lives!

I still want to be a holistic therapist and keep expanding the treatments I offer, so I'm going to do the herbalism course and probably a reflexology course next September (not this September as I miss three of the weekends due to a friends wedding and being in Peru, and it's very strict that you must attend all the days!) and then I can look into the health and therapy clinic near my new home with my bf, and maybe start building up a clientele there. That's depending on how working full time goes- if I enjoy that I might not want to work at the clinic! It's all a case of just embarking on a different path, and I don't know where it will take me... but I have to trust that it will all work out okay.

I do feel more positive lately. And I've now got the childcare qualification as backup if I do decide to go into that in the future. And the beauty of getting a 'different kind of job' than what I was considering by potentially getting into teaching is that it shouldn't be stressful/detrimental to my health- it should be the type of work I can leave at work- and thus I should be able to keep up my hypnotherapy practice in the evenings, from our new home.

I'd be happy so long as I got a job that was relatively interesting with nice people/the opportunity to forge new friendships and have a laugh at work! I miss the social aspect of working, I really enjoyed that when I worked in the nursery last Summer. So if I get nice work colleagues and a reasonably interesting job role, I'll be happy. Even though I love children, the more I consider my feelings and my needs, the more I believe that teaching wouldn't have made me happy after all. My instincts were probably right back in 2007 when I turned down my interview for a PGCE. If I miss children, I could do an evening with Brownies or Rainbows, apparently they are desperate for volunteers for that!

So, maybe now everything is coming together and I'm finally finding my way. :-)

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