I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Brilliant Weekend

Since Friday, actually. I picked my friend M. up from the local shopping mall and, as it was a nice day, rather than having lunch there, I brought her back here- stopping off first at a little, local garden to show her the baby swallows in their nest. :) We then chilled out in the garden, ate cookies, chatted and then had chinese for tea. It was a lovely afternoon. I drove her home and then spent a nice, quiet evening watching telly with my Mum as my Dad was out.

Saturday, for some reason I woke up feeling very drained and tired. I suppose driving to a mall and back and then through Sheffield and back is tiring for a potsy but I'd been doing SO well so I was really fed up about it. Well, more pissed off because I felt like Friday was a chilled, relaxed day and yet I still suffered potsyness after it- but I just rested all day- went back to bed after lunch and dozed- it was too hot to fall asleep, but I think taking it really easy helped, because I had a really good time at the ball.

I went to my bfs first and he made me laugh saying he could hardly look at me in my dress because he wanted to take it off and couldn't (as I'd got ready at home and arrived just in time to have a little chat before he dropped me off- he didn't go himself). He dropped me off and I then had great fun eating and dancing- I tried a little wine but found 1. I didn't really like it and 2. It was just giving me a headache so it wasn't even worth drinking it- I stuck with my water!

I had enough energy to dance to a number of songs, I felt much, much better than I have in a LONG time! :D Towards the end of the night, me and my best friend put our chairs on the dance-floor (she has an ankle injury and can't stand for long periods either) and did seated dancing- it was really fun because we still got to be part of all the fun, but without having to keep standing!

Today I had a nice lay in and then me and my bf picked what wardrobes we're having in the new place, had lunch, went a little walk and found our new local (I'm excited because it does discos on a Saturday night, so if I make some new local girly friends I can do more dancing- not every week by no means but every so often, it's great to have the option!) then came back to watch the golf on telly and after tea we picked what fire we're going to have in the new place. :) We're SOOOO excited, I can't wait!!!!

I'm shattered now and catching his cold, booo! But it was a brilliant weekend and I am SO pleased with how much better I feel now on florinef. Nothing is perfect and pots still affects me, but I have a lot more energy and "standing power" (i.e. I can stand for longer without feeling weak) so it allows me to do more things. Plus, getting up in the morning and not feeling terrible like I'd gotten used to feeling (and to say I just thought I "wasn't a morning person") is wonderful! I am really thrilled- all in all, things couldn't be better, but I do believe they are going to become better yet- when I get a job, move in with my bf, and make new local friends and have even more fun and enjoyment in my life! :)

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  1. I'm so happy for you!!! I was wondering if your crappy start to the day got better for that night! I love dancing! Just going out with a group of friends and being silly to a bunch of good dance tunes makes me so happy and feel like my old self. I'm so glad you finally found something that helps!!! Can't wait to see how you guys decorate your new place!