I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brain Fog Escapades.

(Wow, I remembered to do this! Often my brain fog is such that I would say I'm going to do a post next and then forget to).

Ever since I did "The Workout" (250 steps, running on the spot, crunches, dancing and tidying) I have been in a very foggy mental zone. I haven't told my boyfriend the words 'brain fog' but I have made him aware of it by referring to my 'short term memory' not being good (wheras his is), and we've gotten into joking about it- because my long term memory is great (whereas his, not so)! So I remind him of things like conversations we had when we first met and we have fun reminiscing, he reminds me to remember the things that I need to take home, or reminds me that my trainers are in HIS car when I'm going crackers checking my car, his hallway and his cupboards wondering how they can have 'vanished' LOL.

So, this past week I had a couple of particularly 'bad' escapades.

1. On the day out with my Mum, when I'd had to leave the house before 10am and was feeling very loopy, she asked me to go and buy the ticket for our parking. I went over to the nearest one, stood reading it and it might as well have been written in Swahili for all the sense I could make of it thanks to BF. It said 'blue badge holders pay here' and there was even a big labelled part saying 'blue badge holders only' that I somehow didn't see or register. So in my state of not knowing what to do and not knowing why I couldn't pay unless I had a blue badge, I reasoned (BF reasoning never tends to work out well) that if I payed the money and it still gave me a ticket, then it would be okay- because I don't have a blue badge so if it accepts my money when I don't have the badge, it must mean I can pay too!!

(I HATE how BF causes you to become like the dumbest person ever!!!)

So I got my ticket and then when I read THAT realised it had given me a ticket for blue badge permit holders ONLY (well DUH!) and that I'd have to get ANOTHER ticket. Then I saw that there were booths all over, for different parking permits- blue badge, short stay and long stay. Oh man! Luckily I'd gone right back to the car to tell my Mum and she sorted it out (after storming about and yelling at me) because I'd have probably gone and bought a short stay ticket after that, I was so befuddled.

2. On Friday night, the toilets in the 2 bars we went to were both upstairs. UGH hate that about bloody bars where I go!! I'd use the disabled toilet except you need a special key of some kind and I don't know how you get one, and I'd feel bad if anyone questioned me because I can dance all night but walking upstairs sends me into a loopy-meltdown!
So anyways, walked upstairs, saw the signs on the toilets for male and female, made a split second decision as to which one was the ladies and waltzed in to a man peeing in a urinal. Had a moments hesitation of confusion thinking that the MAN had gone wrong and was using the wrong loo til I realised LADIES DON'T HAVE URINALS whereupon I spun on my heels and practically ran out.

Perhaps I've had POTS for longer than 2001 though, as I've always had a tendancy to do dozy 'forgetful' things- such as the time when I was at the local cricket pavillion with my younger cousin- who always used to use the 'players and officials only' entrance as a short cut. So I had gotten into the habit of using that way and walked in to phone my friend. Was very confused as the 'corridor' was very steamy and there was the sound of fast running water, a lot of heat and soap suds running out from closed curtains... I realised then why the entrance was for players and officials only- there were SHOWERS all along that corridor! So I ran through to the other end as I was about halfway by then anyway, then rang my friend to ask her if she could come over and meet me there.
Now, you'd think that I'd REMEMBER WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED wouldn't you, given that it was so out of the ordinary? But no, after having been distracted by the phone conversation I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN and so I walked back to the players and officials only exit, opened the door- and saw A NAKED MAN SOAPING HIS BUM!!! AAARGHHH! I turned and ran away. When I got outside, my Mum asked me if I was okay as I 'looked a bit red'.

So, beware of the BF ladies and gents alike, you just don't know what kind of escapades you could get yourself into! So far I'm a pseudo disabled pervert with penis envy who leaves her bikini in the spin dryer at the gym.

At least I will be well practiced by the time I'm an OAP. By then, I'll probably be sneaking into shower rooms on purpose and blaming my 'dementia' for the delight of seeing a man soaping up his backside. Yes, I intend to use the "BF" fully to my advantage in the future, and I suggest you do too. Just think of the possibilities! :)

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