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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brain Fog Disappointment post 2

Well I've decided even if they say they aren't willing to send me a replacement, as the camera is working, I will say well in that case, I'd like to send it back to you and upgrade as I bought the wrong one by mistake. They shouldn't object to that if they think the camera is in good working order.

I'm just upset about how much the brain fog can affect me. I'm wanting to train to be a teacher yet I can't even get something like ordering my own camera right!

Still, not going to let it put me off trying. It just makes me afraid when I can't function mentally- it makes even simple things SO hard! :'(


  1. Awww hun! *big hugs* brain fog is a bitch! and even more so bc we're all people who never had to deal with problems like this before. it's our minds! we have enough problems with our bodies, or brain doesn't need to be confusing too! I'm sure they'll give you the upgraded one, but it is a pain when you get all excited about finally having it! *hugs* damn brain fog!

  2. Yeah, it really is. When many people get ill they tell themsevles 'at least I have my mind'- we can't even do that!!! Sucks horribly. I know it happened because I was pre-menstrual and had been browsing cameras and reading reviews for a couple of hours so was very tired, but it is still so frustrating! It's made me feel all anxious about coping with the work I will have to do to be a teacher if I get on the course! :(