I thought it was the dish that ran away with the spoons?

Well, in the nursery rhyme it is but for me it's POTS!

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Monday, 26 April 2010

Out of the loop!

I haven't posted in a while, because I went away straight after having my tests, and with various things such as that 'cold' I felt like I was getting becoming a throat infection and irritating cough that caused me to lose my voice, along with getting 'trapped' abroad on holiday, I am way behind in 'the real world' and have a lot of catching up to do- with clients and college work. The weekend was spent with Lee having a lovely time seeing one another again after my delayed return and going out in the countryside- we found an absolutely WONDERFUL place to go out walking, and I have been thrilled so far with how much better I already feel since starting my meds.

I'm still determining to do what I can to help other people- my aim is to spread optimism, hope and positivity. I went through a very rough period of depression a number of years ago (it was caused by fear, not knowing what was wrong with me, why I was experiencing such terrifying feelings) but I have discovered that with the right attitude, the human spirit is strong and cannot be broken. So I'm still going to keep writing my blogs at DARE and I'm also writing for the dysautonomia connection blog. If stuff that I write reaches others and gives them some hope or inspiration then I am happy. I'm still 'meeting' wonderful people online too, who add to the inspiration and to my desire to keep doing what I can do to give people hope. One voice may only be very quiet, but together we can start to sing the song of hope and optimism- which is why I am so pleased that the dysautonomia community is coming on in leaps and bounds. I'm happy to have the DARE blog and to be a part of the dysautonomia connection one too, and am looking forward to getting to know more new people through the forums. It seems to be a good time for connecting with fellow dysautonomia sufferers, many of whom are inspiring each in their own unique ways. It makes me feel glad to be a part of such good spirit and positive energy.

So, once I am caught up with the things I am behind on, I will probably blog more again both here and at DARE.


  1. I believe the blogs, etc. are making a difference. If it wasn't from blogs I had read way back when I was waiting to find out what was wrong with me, or waiting for the diagnosis, I don't know how I would've made it by. I got such great advice on what I could do at home, and it was amazing to find others who felt exactly like me! I knew more when I went back to see my Cardiologist than he knew about POTS! lol. Glad to see you're home and back at it, but glad you and your bf got away for a while and you're feeling better! :D

  2. Yeah, I found out about POTS myself through something I posted to "but you don't look sick on facebook" one day when I was feeling incredibly frustrated with my overactive bladder symptoms. Someone responded to that and linked me to POTSplace and although it took me a while to realise that I did have symptoms of it, (I think I discounted it at first because I was exhausted with battling the doctors and in denial so I had a year of pretending to myself that I was fine, then 6 months after that, big big crash happened which forced me to re-evaluate and look into it again), once I did I found so many great resources and people. I also knew more about POTS than my cardiologist, which is why I ended up sacking him, LOL. He was rubbish, but thanks to the net again I found a great Doctor.

    Btw, I went away with my family- Mum Dad and Grandma, got back Friday evening, late- then went to my bfs for the weekend as we'd missed each other while I was away. We are hoping to go on holiday together sometime this year though. :-) xx