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Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Beginnings

Home alone (for a short while at least), rainy day outside, sitting in the lounge enjoying the soothing deep tick of the new mantle clock.

I have a new plan.

I’ve looked over the past few weeks at office/admin jobs (just to do it part time, 2 or 3 days a week) but can’t seem to find anything that really interests me. I’d rather do some work than no work at all, but fact is I do have a job. My holistic therapy. So my new plan is to expand the therapies I offer, to possibly work a couple of days in a holistic therapy clinic, to continue working from here, my parents’ house AND to add in working from my new place with my boyfriend. That way, I’d be getting double the income I get here, potentially even more if I get more exposure by working in the clinic, and eventually with adding in new therapies, an established clientele of returning customers.

My aim is to get enough custom to work full time at doing what I love.

I’m starting a reflexology course in a couple of weeks- only just booked on- but figured that’s a popular treatment and is something I’ve been interested in learning for a while. Bit of a shame I got distracted/confused and thought I wanted to work with children and spent 2 years doing that childcare qualification, but good things did come out of that- a good new friend in particular who I enjoy fun times with, and lots of fun/happy experiences on work placements, so even if I never use the qualification, I don’t regret doing it- it’s just a shame I won’t be qualified as a reflexologist until the summer next year… but at least I am going to get it done, instead of dithering around not knowing what to do! I have plenty enough money to live off of while I get myself set up, that’s not to say it’s not scary, because it’s like starting a new business all over again… but at least I have an income, albeit a small one, from the hypnotherapy I offer here from my parents’ house… so between that and savings, I should be able to afford the bills. Actually, it could turn out more lucrative than getting a part time job, because I’ll be covering more regions by working from my parents’ and from my place with my bf. So the two/three days I was looking at spending in an office environment could well be better spent either here; at my new place or at the therapy clinic, doing treatments. Then I can earn at least £30 an hour. I just need to ensure I get regular custom- which is where the reflexology will come in- and also thankfully I have done massage too, so I could use it, although I’d have to adapt the techniques somewhat to suit me with my health so I’m not tiring myself out doing too much physical stuff. I could also use my reiki and do treatments with that. The beauty of working from the clinic would be I wouldn’t need to advertise, so I’m really hoping they have a slot somewhere I could fit in… even if it’s only for one day.

It’s a new challenge… but I’d rather take on a challenge than be afraid to even try and thus never know if it could have worked out.

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